The economic vice-president and regional minister of Economy, Business and Innovation, Francisco Conde, visited today the coworking space that is developed in the CIS Tecnoloxía e Deseño of Ferrol where he highlighted this initiative that the Xunta has been developing for six years with the help of the Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI).

Conde, who was accompanied by the territorial delegate of the Xunta in Ferrol, Martina Aneiros, explained that this network of support for entrepreneurship celebrates this year its sixth call with twice the number of spaces with which it was launched in 2016. In fact, the Ferrolterra coworking is one of the 11 new coworking spaces that are active this year throughout Galicia. It has been carried out uninterruptedly since the first edition, which has so far enabled the launch of 52 business projects in the region and the generation of 87 jobs.

The economic vice-president, who shared with the participants in this initiative, pointed out that more than half of the projects that passed through the different editions of coworking spaces were consolidated as companies: in particular, 384 which, in turn, led to the creation of 624 jobs. He also pointed out that more than half of the participants, 489, were women.

According to him, the Xunta is working on an Entrepreneurship Agenda that includes new itineraries and tools to support projects that are innovative, digital and sustainable. And, in this sense, he considered very positive the impact that this initiative is having in the region of Ferrolterra, so in need of safeguarding industrial employment.

Source: Novas Xunta