We share our spaces

In our facilities we welcome organizations and entities from different fields with a common denominator: the commitment to R&D and specialized training in new technologies.

Currently accompanying us:

ACLUNAGA (Galician naval cluster association)

A meeting point for technological improvement and research, productive sophistication and efficiency improvements.


CESENA (Centre of excellence for the naval sector)

Its mission is to promote, support and stimulate the digital transformation in the Spanish naval industry by fostering collaboration between the different agents of the sector, and in this way, providing the Spanish market with the best practices in the use of digital technologies.


CLUERGAL (Cluster of renewable energies of Galicia)

Whose objective is the development of joint projects among its members, the promotion of energy sustainability, the improvement of the competitiveness of the sector and the promotion of an adequate socio-economic and regulatory environment for the development of the energy industry.



A workspace for entrepreneurs designed to increase the chances of success of their innovative projects. For 5 months, it offers a training program and mentoring for the implementation of each project in a short time. The IGAPE-EOI Coworking sites are part of the Espacio Coworking program, implemented on a national scale by the School of Industrial Organization and co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Xunta de Galicia.



In its commitment to Shipyard 4.0, digital twin is a key concept. It consists of the development of a virtual 3D replica of a physical product, through the application of technologies such as Advanced Intelligence or the Internet of Things that allows the physical environment of the product to be intertwined with the virtual world.