The Materials Library of Galicia is a space for the dissemination of innovative materials that combines an exhibition and archive of classified samples with specialized services to facilitate the transfer of materials technologies to the business fabric and stimulate intersectoral innovation.

Its creation responds to the need to boost the implementation of innovative materials in Galician companies through design, since these are key in Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation of SMEs due to their ability to increase competitiveness in all Economic sectors.

Galicia is thus aligned with the European Industrial Policy and with the Spanish Strategy for Science and Technology and Innovation, which recognize new materials as an essential enabling technology and as a driver of innovation, competitiveness and sustainability.

In the Galician Smart Specialization Strategy-RIS3, in the Galician Circular Economy Strategy and the Galician Industry 4.0 Agenda, new materials stand out as an emerging field of knowledge with high industrial potential.

The Materials Library is located in Ferrol, at CIS Technology and Design, the reference entity of the 2020 Design for Innovation Program of Xunta de Galicia.

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Materioteca de Galicia
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