The CIS Technology and Design is part of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), an initiative of the European Commission created in 2008 to help SMEs to be more competitive by developing their innovative capacity and accessing new markets.

CIS Technology and Design participates in the EEN through the EEN-GalacteaPlus consortium, made up of ten entities from Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León and Galicia.

Through the EEN we offer free services, ranging from answering a question about the European business area to value-added services, such as promoting business cooperation, internationalization or promoting innovation through technology transfer. and participation in R+D+i projects.

If your company is looking for international partners, the EEN is your network. Connect with entities from more than 60 countries, including those of the European Union!

Technology opportunities, partner searches and international events

The EEN generates and disseminates annually more than 10,000 cooperation proposals through its database of technological and business cooperation opportunities.

To start receiving periodic information about technological offers/requests, partner searches for international projects or B2B events that are organized within the framework of the EEN, you simply have to contact us via e-mail: or by pone: 981 33 71 46.

Publication of technology offers

If your company developed a technology, product or process and you want to find partners interested in it, fill in the Technological Offer form (sustituír por ficha nueva), send it to us and we will publish your offer in the EEN database as soon as possible.

Publication of technological requests

If your organisation has identified a technological need or wants to find technological providers other than the current ones, fill in the Technological Request form (sustituír por ficha nueva), send it to us and we will publish your request in the EEN database as soon as possible.

Search for partners in Europe

If you are preparing a proposal for a European R&D program and you need to incorporate partners with specific profiles, fill in the Partner Search form (sustituír por ficha nueva), send it to us and we will publish your search in the EEN database as soon as possible.

EEN Newsletter

The Galician Innovation Agency periodically produces a newsletter with information on calls, news, events and searches for partners related to European R&D programs. If you wish to receive the newsletter, please let us know by sending an e-mail to

You can access all the EEN Newsletters that have been disseminated through this link.

All services offered by the Enterprise Europe Network are free.

More information

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