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The Design for Innovation 2020 Program considers as one of its priorities to give visibility to the references of the past and present to value the role of Galician design as a driver of competitiveness.

In this context, an editorial line was launched with publications freely available to design professionals, companies, students and all those interested in exploring success stories that illustrate the most relevant milestones in the history of Galician design and also those that are marking the current scenario

  • Galicia. Design as a drive for innovation
  • Design as a drive for innovation. Success stories in Galicia
  • Possible futures. Design for innovation in the post-COVID era

Galicia. Design as a drive for innovation

The historical perspective offered in the publication “Galicia. Design as a drive for innovation” allows to do justice to Galician companies that, in some cases as early as the 18th century, had the vision of using design to grow in innovative capacity and competitiveness, as well as to the professionals who made it possible.

Taking as a starting point the vision of Isaac Díaz Pardo and Luis Seoane as essential references from the origin of Galician design, the story deepens its different aspects throughout history. Carmela Montero completes this perspective with a tour of the legacy of the Forms Laboratory of Galicia. From the hand of María Luisa Sobrino, commercial poster design is explored, while Pepe Barro addresses the image of brands and industrial pioneers. Finally, Marcos Dopico, Cibrán Rico and Suso Vázquez approach the aspects related to identity and the standardization of design.

Thanks to a careful selection of images, this publication illustrates all the above with the icons of Galician design associated with companies and brands such as Sargadelos, Massó, Mondariz, Miau, Finsa, Zeltia, Inditex, Estrella Galicia, Televés and many others

View and download here. Design as a dive for innovation (pdf).

Design as a drive for innovation. Success stories in Galicia

The publication “Design as a drive for innovation. Success stories in Galicia” explores the projects and initiatives of leading Galician companies that already have a long history in terms of strategic commitment to design as a competitiveness tool.

Estrella Galicia, Finsa, Selmark, Pazo de Vilane, Bico de Xeado, D-due, Cabreiroá, Paco y Lola, Castrosúa, Martínez Otero and Orballo are just a small sample of the references present in this book. Through the analysis of their successful experiences, this publication not only seeks to enhance their value, but also the inspiring effect they can have on other Galician companies.

All of them share a solid position in the Galician market and a very relevant capacity to compete in the international arena thanks to the application of design in its different variants to the offer of innovative and different products and services, with their own personality and an added value which is impossible to get exclusively through technology.

View and download here Design as a drive for innovation. Success stories in Galicia(pdf).

Possible futures. Design for innovation in the post-COVID era

Fourteen Galician professionals of national and international reference in the field of strategic design offer their vision on the new scenario opened by the coronavirus crisis in the publication “Possible Futures: Design for Innovation in the post-COVID era”.

The knowledge and experience of these designers opens a framework for reflection on the transformative role of design in this new era, in which its multidisciplinary nature and its importance for the competitiveness and innovation of Galician companies take centre stage.

Alberto Barreiro, Manuel Vázquez, Nuria Carballo, Noemí Cortizas, Rubén Ramos Balsa, Pablo García-Bodaño, Dani Bembibre, David Silvosa, Roberto Núñez, Iván Mato, Coca Rivas, Anxo López and Marta Verde build this collective vision moderated by David Barro in the one that explores the future of strategic design, service design, experience design, graphic design and communication, space design and industrial design.

View and download Possible Futures here. Design for innovation in the post-COVID era(online viewing platform and pdf download).