Virtual varnishing simulator

Virtual varnishing simulator

Virtual simulator of the varnishing process for training professionals

As part of one of the objectives of the FUTUREfacing project, funded by the European Erasmus+ program, the development of a virtual varnishing simulator aimed at vocational training courses was devised. It provided not only an economic advantage, but also an environmental one: on the one hand, as it means a reduction in the costs corresponding to both the supports (wood, components, furniture) and the products (varnishes, paints …) and, on the other hand, from the environmental point of view, since the emissions of the finishing products, the management of their waste and the risks involved in their storage would be avoided.

Once the development of the virtual varnishing simulator was completed, an improvement was observed in learning and in the objective evaluation of the vocational training students, since it allows each parameter to be analysed exactly: speed, distance, angle, etc. It also monitors as many factors as necessary and, based on them, the final evaluation is presented. This way, both teacher and student can clearly identify errors and evaluate their learning process.

After the project is finished, the varnishing simulator developed will continue to be transferred to the different Vocational Training centres in Galicia that require it as a good practice model.

Proxecto FUTUREFacing – ERASMUS+