Virtualization for helpflash product

Virtualization for helpflash product

Virtual simulation of processes for the helpflash product of netun solutions

Vigo’s company Netun Solutions is a start-up specialized in improving road safety by adding a new device for signalling road breakdowns to all vehicles. It asked us to simulate the dangers of getting out of the car to place the emergency triangles, a safety element mandatory in the car which is seldom placed correctly.

Moreover, they wanted to give greater commercial visibility to one of their main products for sale: Helpflash, a light that is placed on the roof to make the car more visible to other drivers.

With both questions raised, various scenarios with different weather conditions, etc. were simulated through Virtual Reality tools in order to make the different elements of danger visible when getting out of the car to place the triangles, which enabled the company to incorporate improvements in its devices.

Netun Solutions
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